This week on our and Kathy Peterson Inspirations Blog Hop, it’s my turn to show off what I did with Kathy’s blank Adirondack chair!

My theme was to have a comfy place to sit and create with a sketchpad and pens. I drilled a hole in the arm rest so you can set a cup of writing utensils (or an icy beverage of your liking). Using my Crafty Chica paints and papers, I covered every inch with colorful accents.
The heart in the center says “dream” – as in the verb. You sit in the chair and let your imagination take over. To drive the point home, across the front of the seat, it says “play first, work later.”
I sealed it all with Collage Pauge® Instant Decoupage (shiny). I even added a bit of glittery sparkle over the heart!


Kathy Peterson, who designed the chair, blogs at Kathy Peterson Inspired, the e-retailer carrying Kathy’s designs, writes at The All Outdoor Patio Furniture Blog
Julie Fillo blogs at Julie’s Art Life
See Margot’s chair at her award-winning Impatient Crafter blog.

Pat Sloan, quilt designer, offers her advice at Pat Sloan’s Corner

and Julianna Hudgins, wire jewelry designer, gives her crafty expertise at Julianna Productions.
And, once you’re inspired, don’t forget to order your own piece to get started on your own project at Kathy Peterson Inspirations: Outdoor Lifestyles. Whether you’re looking to add painted whimsy to your own Adirondack chair, or a dining set, coffee table, or porch swing… Kathy Peterson’s Inspirations: Outdoor Lifestyles is the absolutely perfect place to start. Finally, craft-friendly outdoor furniture for crafty people!

Thank you so much to Kathy Peterson and The Cedar Store for inviting me to be a part of the blog hop. Check back next Tuesday to see the last stop on the cyber tour!


Love & light,

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