(Photo: David A. Cano)

Yesterday my dad went into ER because he had trouble breathing. The tumor on his lung had grown so big it was blocking his blood flow. It was determined that the cancer pills were not working. He asked about other alternatives even though we had been told there weren’t any. He was not ready to give up. They kept him overnight for observation. While we were waiting for the room, he joked “Come on, let’s get out of here and go home!”

Finally, they secured a room – a brand new remodeled huge swanky hotel-suite looking thing. He loved the huge bed, he said it was very comfy. He was in so much pain, he deserved every ounce of comfort he could get. We helped him get situated and then kissed him goodnight and left. I prayed for him to please be released in the morning so he could go home.

He passed away peacefully in his sleep early this morning. My heart is broken, as is my family’s but we are happy that he is not suffering anymore. He suffered a LOT these past few months but did his best to push on. He left this life with so much dignity, he always stood tall and looked to see the best in people. He loved to make people laugh. He loved to create things with his hands. He loved a hardcore math problem. He loved make red chili sauce from scratch. He loved the Cardinals football team!

Most of all, he loved to be with his family.

I’m so proud to be his daughter.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone for your well wishes, they meant so much.

Love & light,

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