Have you ever seen the movie Garden State? It has one of my all-time favorite scenes.

Check it out:

(Click here if you can’t see the video) Are you thinking, “Huh?”. Okay, let me explain.

Every time I feel unoriginal, uninspired or when my spirit gets weighted down or just when my brain feels as useful as a bowl of day old oatmeal – I think of this scene and force myself to have an original moment to get back on track. Call it a wonky creative reboot. I don’t exactly do a spastic dance in my bedroom (okay, sometimes…), but I do try to release it other ways.

This post is dedicated to creating our own original moment! I’m talking TODAY. Here are some of my ideas, and do us all a favor and share one of yours too – they will come in handy!

1. Design a flower.
Get a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser and a picture of some flowers (any kind: real, plastic, pictures, illustrations, any!). Take your favorite elements from each of them and combine them into one flower that is all your own. I got this idea in New York City one time. I was bored, but too tired to go anywhere. I sat in my hotel room by the window and sketched. I made a juicy flower that had hearts for pedals and little stars inside each leaf. One you finish drawing your flower (nothing fancy, just a silly sketch) – own it. Whip it out every time you write a note or when you are doodling. Draw it enough times so it becomes your little signature flower. Give it a name and a little story! Not into florals? Then create your own bug, saint, heart, creature, animal, etc.

2. Come up with a three-word catch phrase.
Choose three of your favorite nouns and combine them into your personal salutation. I always use “Peace, love, and glitter!” Use them when you send your emails, or leave messages or comments for people.

3. Embellish something you never thought you would.
Take a boring, ordinary, overlooked but quite useful object in your house and give it some crafty love. Like the office or kitchen phone. Lord knows you depend on it for everything, give it some sparkle! Maybe it’s adding squeeze paint to your pooch’s leash, or stitching trim on a pair of white tube socks. Or other items: a nightgown, your laundry hamper, the TV set or your computer mouse. We have to see these things day in and day out, why not make them happy?

4. Make an online friend a real friend.
Go through your friends list and randomly click on one you don’t know very well or haven’t connected with in a long time. Read their blog or page and leave them a comment. Not to promote your business, but to show appreciation for them as a person. Chances are they will be thrilled and then come do the same for you! Bingo – new friend!

5. Change your look today.
Do the opposite of what you normally do. Part your hair in the middle, wear a chunky barrette, a cheerleader ponytail, a scarf, a pair of spiky heels or sneakers. Put rings on all your fingers or take them all off. Wear bright lipstick (or in my case, don’t).

6. Make up your own quote and send it out into the universe.
You know how we like to share our favorite empowering quotes by famous folks on Twitter or Facebook? Heck, why not share something YOU said. For example, here is one I did:

“A smile is like a fleck of glitter. A little goes a long way.” – Crafty Chica

Take that quote and put it at the bottom of your emails, or as your business tagline, etc.

7. Enter a word/term you made up into UrbanDictionary.com.
We all have words we made up. They sound silly, but make sense. Document it! I added my term of “frontster diving”. There. Go do that and you will have your very own original word!

8. Just do something weird like Natalie did in the scene.
It’s quick. It’ll do the trick. Just make sure your boss, co-workers or neighbors don’t see you. Pets are okay though… I caught my kids having their own original moment!

OK, those are a few off the top of my head. Now share yours!!! Coming tomorrow – how to make your own glittered canvas fabric! Oh, man, you will LOVE it!!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy ūüôā

P.S. Check out my new book and product line!

Love & light,

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