I’m a coffee fanatic, and I love me some Cafe Bustelo. I can’t bear to toss out the cans after I’m done downing the java. I use these cans all over my workspace to hold my paintbrushes, pens, markers, etc.

This particular can I used to make an adorable clock for my kitchen. I loved it so much that I even included it in one of my books. Making it is as easy as dropping a sugar cube in a cup!

1 Cafe Bustelo can (or any other interesting looking can)
1 handheld rotary tool (Dremel!)
1 clock mechanism with arms (found at the craft store in the wood aisle)
4 round wood balls painted red
Hot glue

Directions: Simply drill a hole in the center of the can where you want the clock to go. Attach the clock. Glue the balls on the bottom. Put the plastic lid on the top of the can. Remove it when you need to change the battery.

Love & light,

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